Barbecue Chicken Recipes
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Guess what's here?!

Lots and lots of truly tasty barbecue chicken recipes!

So, this is a very good place to be!...

Did you know that chicken is one of the more popular choices for barbecue grilling?

Your family and friends can share your accomplishments, when they take in that great flavour and aroma.

Even my chef is impressed when I cook outdoors....

Here's a tip:

    In order to contain all the juices in the chicken, you should season the chicken earlier rather than later.

(For even more tips, please go to my barbecue tips page where you'll find lots of great ideas!)

Salads go great with these barbecue chicken recipes, too, especially when you're serving them outdoors.

No matter what variety of barbecue sauces you choose from the different recipes listed here, when seasoned and marinated properly, these bbq “grillers” are all delicious.

And you’re sure to find something to please someone!

By the way, these bbq chicken recipes serve very well indoors, too, as much as they do when you're in the garden!

Hey! It's worth a try!

So, let's get the fire goin' and pick from one these super delicious recipes below!

But first!!...

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Monia's BBQ Chicken!

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