Barbecue Chicken Breast Recipe:
My Favorite and Best


Do you love chicken outdoors?

This Barbecue Chicken Breast recipe is absolutely perfect then!!

And who doesn’t like breasts?!

BBQ Chicken Breast

White meat is a favourite of almost everyone. It’s a very healthy choice too. Even people on special diets can enjoy a barbecue, especially if they have to avoid fried foods.

And the best thing about BBQ’s is that they’re outdoors - with lots of fresh air and plenty of sunshine.

And like all my barbecue chicken recipes, this is a really simple one to make.

Because it’s so simple, when my guests bring their kids, I often let them take care of turning over the chicken. Of course they have to be old enough, but it’s wonderful for their self esteem and it makes them feel good to make an important contribution to the gathering.

And that means you and I have some more time to get creative with your side dishes - read on to find out my suggestions.

One other thing about this barbecue delight I really love is the addition of bacon. It's such a nice taste treat surprise for your family and friends.

They become very eager with mouth watering anticipation.....!

But, alas, my poor chef won't touch bacon!!

Too bad!! His loss - your gain! :)

Here are the Ingredients (Serves 4-5 bacons):

600g of chicken breasts
70g of bacon
80g of butter
1 teaspoon of spices for chicken
Marjoram to taste
Salt and pepper to taste


Wash the chicken breasts thoroughly and dry on paper towels.

Then cut into thin strips.

Now wrap the breasts with the bacon strip slices, sprinkle everything with marjoram seasoning (or your choice of spices for chicken), and spread some butter on top.

Place everything on the hot grill and roast for about 5-7 minutes on each side.

While cooking, with a spoon, drizzle everything with juices draining off the chicken.

Serve this barbecued chicken breast dish with potatoes and a luscious green garden salad with a tangy dressing - a perfect meal on a gorgeous summer day makes for the perfect gathering!

Na Zdrowie!!

Monika with BBQ chicken breasts!

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