Chicken Casserole Recipes
Delicious Perfection!


You know what I like about chicken casserole recipes?

They have some of the coolest convenience features built right into them.

In addition to being fabulously delicious of course, you also have this:

You can use the same dish that you baked in as the serving dish!

My chef likes that too, but - sometimes I think he’s just a bit lazy that way - like a lot of men!!! =)

And a casserole is a meal unto itself. You don’t have to cook or prepare anything extra, if you don’t want to (remember my lazy guy - hmm??!)

Chicken casseroles are perfect for large family gatherings and informal parties.

So - Chicken Casseroles - What Are They All About Anyway?

Well in addition to chicken - of course! - we have lots of vegetables, and a starch - like flour, pasta or potatoes. So it breaks the food combining rules, but once in a while, it’s nice to have for special occasions. Even my chef does!

And because a lot of casseroles are cooked - slooowly by the way - uncovered in the oven, you get this nice crispy top! But be careful to always keep from burning - I’ll tell you the right amounts of heat and time to bake in all my recipes - so don’t worry!

Another nice thing about chicken casseroles is when they’re baking, lots of nice, flavourful juices start to come from the chicken and vegetables! Sometimes, I’ll even add a bit of chicken stock - or even wine(!) - stop frowning chef!

And like I said before, chicken casserole recipes are slow-cooked. So you have time to do other things around your house and make a nice healthy salad to go along with it.

Or just spend time with your family, loved-ones and guests. With me, I spend time with my chef!

So pick one and start having fun!

Chicken Casserole with Rosemary

Casseroles with Chicken:

A Mexican Holiday Casserole In Your Kitchen!!

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Chicken Casseroles. (Stop laughing, Chef!) What can I say? They're delicious in winter!

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A chicken noodle casserole highly recommended for your friends.

Casserole Dishes

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