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Enhance your culinary skills with these Chicken Tips and make my easy chicken recipes even easier!:

My most important tip:

Wash your hands before, during, and after the preparation of all your meals. This prevents bacteria from getting to unwanted places!

It's best to bake or stew the chicken as one big piece, not in parts.

Chicken Liver will taste better when it is immersed in a bath of cold, sweet milk. Spices should be added just after liver is sautéed.

Chicken will cook much faster in unsalted water. Adding salt towards the end of cooking will make the chicken become soft.

Roasted chicken becomes a beautiful golden brown colour and gets a very crispy skin, when you add chopped, lightly golden brown onions, along with the oil with which it is sautéed.

More Tips:

  • Chicken stuffing becomes very tasty if you add some fresh mushrooms and chicken liver.
  • Baked chicken becomes a beautiful golden brown colour and gets very crispy when rubbed with soy sauce before roasting.
  • Roasting poultry becomes softer faster if the inside and outsides are rubbed with powdered sugar and set aside for 30 minutes in a cool place. Before preparing the chicken then, rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • For cleaning stubborn stains on your sauteing pan, bring hot water and dish soap to a boil in the pan. Turn off heat immediately, and simply wipe your pan clean.

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