Chicken and Pasta Recipes!


Chicken and Pasta Recipes offer a nice simple change from the usual sides served with chicken, whether you`re serving two people - or a party of eight or more!!

Pasta comes in hundreds of shapes, colors, and flavors, and in combinations that are seemingly endless. It’s a wonderful idea both as a starter or main course.

pasta variety

And it's is so easy to cook, even a child can do it! (So can my Chef!)

You should know that different types of pasta have to be combined with changing amounts of water and salt added to cook them thoroughly - you can always find that information on the package.

But - probably my main point to you - because of the variety, it gives you, and me, choices to bring surprise taste treats to your family and friends!

Here's a tip I`d like to give you:

    After the water starts to boil the pasta, add one teaspoon of oil to keep the pasta from sticking when it`s finished.

Monika's Pasta Cooking Tip

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Chicken and Pasta Recipes

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