Barbecue Tips


These Barbecue Tips are sure to enhance your outdoor experience.

Always important: Clean your grill! That`s it! End of story!!

Cleaning The Barbecue Gril

For getting a really authentic 'smokey' bbq flavour to your grill, add wood chips or chunks. Soak them in water at least an hour before using.

    For charcoal bbq's, use wood chunks.

    For gas grills, use wood chips. First place them into a perforated aluminum foil pouch, foil pan or smoker box and put under the rack.

When cooking a whole chicken, you'll get that nice smokey, bbq flavour when you cook slowly over an indirect heat.

    For charcoal users, pile the hot coals on the sides of the grill.

    Also, since you're using charcoal, you should light the coal 30 minutes before you want to start cooking.

    For gas grills, turn off burner just under the bird. Make sure to use a drip pan to avoid flare-ups.

    And stop peeking! Otherwise you'll lose smoke, steam, and obviously heat. You'll also add about ten minutes cooking time, which is sure to rile to your guests!

    Marinating overnight is the best method. When I do this I notice a big, big difference. It's more juicy, tasty, and you can add many herbs and spices the way you, your guests and your kids like.

    If you don't have time (or forgot!) for overnight marinating, it's best to do at least two hours before you start cooking.

    Use only tongs or spatulas to turn over your chicken. Otherwise you'll lose all the juices and, worse, all the flavour of the chicken.

For a really full flavored chicken, leave the skin and bones intact!

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