Chicken Liver Recipes:
Delicious and Healthy!!


Monika Fraczek's Chicken Liver Recipes

Yes! Chicken Liver Recipes!

But first: how about some fun facts for that will surprise you? (They surprised even my Chef!!)

There's lots of great reasons to include chicken livers into your home menus several times a month:

  • The main one - chicken liver contains lots of protein and vitamin B.
  • They're easy on your budget because they're inexpensive.
  • The recipes are so easy to prepare.
  • Many can be done in a very short amount of time!
  • And to top it off they go great with onions!! :)

Chicken liver has been a personal favourite with me my whole life!

    I remember when I was little, and my mom was making a chicken noodle soup, she always put some chicken liver in along with the chicken pieces because of the great flavour the livers added to the soup.

    But I was always stealing the livers from pot when she wasn‘t looking!! And adding a little salt and pepper made them “yummy to the tummy!!”


Before we head off to the kitchen, here's a few tips to keep in mind when preparing these recipes:

  • Chicken Liver tastes better when it's immersed in a bath of cold, sweet milk.
  • Spices should be added just after liver is fried.

For more chicken tips, visit my chicken tips page!

Easy Chicken Liver Recipes:

Chicken Livers and Potatoes
Simple and nutritious! And wait till you see the salad we had with this!!!...

Chicken Roulade
Think that this is hard to make?!! “Don’t worry! I have a recipe for you your whole family will love!” Results guaranteed!

Chicken Liver Recipe With Apples
You know what they say! A chicken liver recipe with apples a day keeps the doc-....well, OK. I’m elaborating a bit!

Chicken Livers With Walnuts
Did you ever think a chicken livers recipe with walnuts could be chic? Well this is très chic!

Chicken Liver and Onion Recipe!
This chicken liver and onion recipe, the classic with a chicken twist, is easy to make and a great time saver!

Fried Liver Recipe
This is for those who think they're cooking challenged! Find out why this even simpler recipe will do, until you're back into your old cooking form!! :)

Chicken Livers With Red Wine!!
If you like, you can graduate to this delightful recipe where chicken livers are elevated, elegantly, with thyme and red wine.

Recipe For Pâté!
For a wonderfully elegant evening with an aristocratic flavour, try this sumptuous chicken liver pate recipe - perfect with salad and vegetables!

Chopped Chicken Liver
This chopped chicken liver dish should make converts of everyone. Even my friend, Anthony!

Chicken Liver With Onion Sauce
For my visitors who love chicken liver, here’s a tantalizing variation of the old liver and onion standby!!

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