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Quick Easy Chicken Recipes


You'll love this section of quick easy chicken recipes!


If you consider your health if you eat too much pre-packaged meals or, worse, fast foods, you'll appreciate the benefits these simple chicken recipes will offer you. (My chef sure does!)

Quick Easy Chicken Sandwich
Quick Easy Chicken Salad

If your pressed for time, and most likely under stress, the necessity of having something good for you should be more obvious!

Some of these recipes below do need a little pre-preparation, but your body will thank you in the long run for taking the time and the little bit of effort to do the right thing!!

And if you know you'll have a busy week, many of these recipes allow to make larger portions so that you can store them in your fridge and all you'll have to do is simply heat them up when you're ready for them!

Quick Easy Chicken Recipes!

And if you're interested in more quick and easy recipes in addition to something with chicken, visit my friend Steele!

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Quick Easy Chicken Recipes:
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Easy Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

Is a chicken spaghetti recipe really easy to make? Find out by going to my page!

Healthy Chicken Wraps
Can wraps really be healthy for you? You can find out by following my recipe right here!!

My Chicken Coleslaw Recipe - Unique and Simple!
This dish is perfect for a lunches or as appetizers. I adapted it from my Mom's own coleslaw recipe. Can you guess what I added?!

My Favorite Chicken Burger Recipe!
Plain and simple: my chicken burger is great! It’s fun. It’s easy to make. And it just tastes Great!

My Potato Salad Recipe With Chicken
My best potato salad recipe will win your guests over when you serve it at your next outdoor barbecue!! Why?!

Stuffed Zucchini Recipe With Chicken
Why am I making a stuffed zucchini recipe with chicken?!

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken
Prosciutto recipes with chicken! Yes anything and everything is possible!

Chicken Wraps
This is a great starter recipe to try because it's really tasty.

Chicken Fajita Recipe
If you're watching your diet, this chicken fajita recipe is superb!

Another Recipe For Chicken Fajitas
For an award winning variation on my easy fajitas, try this recipe too!

Chicken Salad Sandwich
For heartier appetites, this is a super fast chicken treat using pita bread!

Chicken Quesadilla Recipe
This recipe is a lot of fun, especially for the young ones in your life.

Chicken Pot Pie Recipe
If it's fun you really want, this is a chicken dish can't be beat!!

Chicken A La King
You won't need to be royalty to love this chicken delight.

Chicken Casserole Recipe
If you love white wine (unlike my Chef!) you'll totally flip for this perfect dinner time creation!

Chicken Pasta Recipe
This easy pasta recipe is only for those of you who love sour cream!! See you later, Chef!

Chicken Gumbo Recipe
An absolutely perfect meal for winter time. This recipe is a bit more involved, but I've only included the most important things to make it very easy!

Chicken Adobo Recipe
There's no need to simplify this very yummy chicken treat. And, it's delicious in any season!

Baked Chicken Wing Recipe With Honey
Another super simple chicken recipe. So simple even the guys can make it, (including my Chef!) but....!

Pineapple Chicken!
This pineapple flavored recipe is the bomb! Super simple; super quick! And with the exotic flavor of pineapple to boot.

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