So - What About Me?


Monika Fraczek in business suit

Yeah - What about me?!!


From an early age I knew I was passionate about four things:

Cooking, baking, French, and being a comedienne!

So I’ve got that!

Special thanks go to my Mom, Maria, who taught me to how to cook and bake, and instilled in me the "culinary bug". She is and remains my role model today. I'm very proud of her. From an early age, she helped me get involved in preparing meals for our family. She was very patient, for which I'm grateful, because it wasn’t always easy. Of course, I burned something or I didn’t make something right. That’s normal, but I didn’t give up! :)

Cooking and baking became my hobby !

One Sunday afternoon, I was watching old movies in French and I said ”One day, Monika, you will speak that language!” Et j'ai fait!

I grew up on a farm in Poland (Polska) with my two sisters and brother! Here's the view from my childhood home:

Zakopane Monika Fraczek
Monia's Chickens

Growing up on a farm was a lot of work every day but, we always had fresh food on our table and, of course, fresh chicken!

How many times were we running after those poor chickens?! :) Many...and it was lot of fun as a child!

Nowadays in Canada, I only grow vegetables in my own garden (like the squash you see below). I get my poultry from the local butcher!

Monia's Squash
Monia's Other Squash

Enough "what about me?" No! OK - here's some more:

When I was 15, it was time to choose a career subject for high school! I wasn’t sure what I should choose.

My mom helped me when she said: “Cooking school. It’s always good! You can cook for yourself and it’s always a great tool to know for your future, because you never know what’s going to happen!”

She was right! It’s good to know how to cook and’s a lot fun; you save money and you eat healthy! I'm very glad she persuaded me to go to culinary school so I can create more colorful meals!

Now, I know French and I’m so proud of that! I spent 5 years in Belgium! Complicated story... :) And, as I was going to school to learn French I was working with children as a 'fille au pair'.

Monika in her kitchen!

Still not enough "what about me?" You are patient! ;)

When I came to Canada, I knew that I would have to learn English and go back to school again! I wasn’t sure what to choose or what to do.

After a year, I decided to go to college and study business, so this way I could mix both things together and it probably will work! You never know! But you have to try!

I got my diplomas day I received a letter from college saying that there’s an option about creating your own web business. Hmm... I just moved to a new place and I didn’t have Internet at the time, so I’ve decide to wait a bit.

After, a few months, I did take the course. Now I’m creating this website with my Chef in beautiful Toronto, fulfilling my fourth and final ambition - how to cook funny chicken recipes!

Monika Fraczek's Toronto

Enough What About Me!!!

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