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Just simple, quick and soooo delicious...:)

Monika, thanks to your chicken recipes I actually started enjoying eating chicken. I feel healthier, more energized.

Thanks so much!

Great site!

Stan Zachemski

Je trouve ton site vraiment très chouette. Si tu vivais encore par ici, on aurait pu essayer de faire des vidéos, ça aurait été marrant.

I tried some of the chicken soup and it was so easy. I'm not really a chef, but I like cooking and it's sometimes hard to find good and easy recipes. Now, I've found them. Thank you Monika.

Mais sérieusement, j'aime beaucoup faire la cuisine depuis que j'ai déménagé et ton site est chouette, car il donne des idées quand on ne sait pas toujours quoi faire de pas trop compliqué.

Thomas Xavier; Belgium

A Chicken Tomato Pasta Dinner:

Elegance For Two!! That was the name!!!!!! We definitely need more of your recipes!!!!!

My girl tried it and I think she fell in love with it and it was so fun cheating with this recipe!!!! :) I think she is jealous! LOL!

Please make more!!!!

Chris Terblanche

I love that the recipes are easy to cook and very healthy. Highly recommend this site.

Anthony Dyson


I wanted to tell you how much my two young daughters (age 3 and 5) adore the chicken recipes from your website.

They are tasty and so easy to make. I'm always looking for ways to introduce variety into our family's menu, and I found the recipes on this site provide an excellent way to quickly get easy to make recipes, that everyone loves.

We especially love the BBQ chicken recipe using soya sauce, honey and makes easy, fast, and tasty chicken drumsticks that all kids love, with healthy ingredients. I even make the marinade ahead and freeze the chicken in it in individual portions, for quick weeknight meals.

With BBQ season approaching soon, I'm looking forward to try even more of them!

Keep up this great site!


Nancy Hill

We have tried out the Pot Pie and Sheppard's Pie.

I found the recipe very easy to follow in our busy lifestyles and made the family come together.

Really enjoyed them and continue to cook these recipes for my family each week... I love them!


Rani Bains

I really enjoy Monika’s Easy Chicken Recipe Ideas site because she offers a selection of recipes which are practical, easy to follow and simply delicious. I am always looking for new ideas for light meals and there are many recipes which I like but one of my favourite is the “Easy Chicken Casserole with White Wine”.

The Easy Chicken Casserole with White Wine recipe reminds me of the French Coq au Vin recipe which is made with red wine and is heavier and overpowering. It makes more sense to me to prepare chicken with white wine which results in a lighter and more compatible palate.

I have added other vegetables and mushrooms but with the white wine, you can taste the flavour of the juicy chicken, the vegetables and the tasty sauce. The rosemary adds a nice refreshing touch. This is a recipe that is suitable for small dinners or larger events because it does not take much effort and is sure to please your guests.

This dish, as all of Monika's recipes, is quick and easy to prepare. The chicken, vegetables and sauce turn out so yummy... I love it.

Diane Best

Chicken Pesto Pasta

I tried this recipe and it was great--my friends loved it. I agree that it does not look appetizing, but boy does it taste amazing. Try it!

Betty Dowinton

About your recipes:

I have tried most of them and what I like is that they are easy and quick to do and really fun and delicious!

Off the top of my head I can't remember which I tried, but they’re all good - most of my buds enjoy it too!

Kamil Jaworek

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