Easy Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe
with Pita Bread!


Easy Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

This easy chicken salad sandwich recipe is just what it says it is: Easy and fast!

You will be amazed!

And you don't have to worry:

Just because these chicken recipes are quick - and easy - they're still filling. So if you have a hearty appetite, rest assured, you will be satisfied! Not only satisfied, but you'll have had a very healthy meal and you'll have saved yourself a lot of time.

How do I know that?

Because you're in my quick and easy recipe section!

But you're hungry.

So, let's get started making my easy chicken salad sandwich recipe - with pita bread!!

Ingredients (Serves 1-2 pitas):

2 barbecued chicken breasts
8 slices of pepperoni
2 large pickles, sliced
6 small mushrooms
1-2 small onions
1-2 tablespoon of butter
Salt, pepper to taste
2 pita breads

1 tablespoon of finely chopped parsley
1 bell pepper sliced

Cooking Utensils You'll Need:

kitchen knife
chopping board
measuring spoons
large saute pan (skillet)
cooking spoon
large plate

Directions for My Easy Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe:

Wash and peel the onions.

Next, cut them into small pieces.

Wash the mushrooms.  Slice into small pieces as well.

Chopped Onions
Mushrooms for Chicken Salad Sandwich

Place butter onto a skillet over low heat. Add the onions and mushrooms. Sautée them until they get a nice, light golden color.

Sauteing Onions
Adding Mushrooms
Nicely Sauteing Onions and Mushrooms

Now for our main ingredient: the BBQ'ed chicken breasts. You should probably slice the chicken breasts to make everything more manageable.

Barbecued Chicken Breast
Chopped BBQ Chicken Breasts

Now, there are two ways you can make this sandwich. One is to leave the pita bread flat on a plate and place the ingredients in the order below, rolling everything up together afterward.

Pita Bread

The other way (the way I'm showing you in these images) is to cut the pita in half and open up the pocket between the two "slices", filling with the ingredients in the order listed below.

Either way will be delicious, trust me! It's just your personal preference.

So, choose your method! And let's go.....

Add a few lettuce leaves on top of the pita bread.

Fresh Sandwich Lettuce
First Chicken Salad Sandwich Ingredient

Next, on the middle of everything, place some of the sliced pickles on top.

Adding Pickles

Then, we'll add the sautéed onions and mushroom.

Sauteed Mushroom Next

You'll also notice now in the image below, I've omitted the parsley but added a sliced, red bell pepper. This gives extra flavor, and I like the extra color too!!

Adding Peppers and Pepperoni

Now, if you like, you can add a bit more lettuce leaves.

Now finally, the chopped barbecued chicken breast is on next.

Depending on how many you're serving, you'll probably use only a portion of all the chicken for filling the pita bread.

The Final Ingredient: Chicken

Season with just a touch salt and pepper if you like, add some lettuce and finely chopped parsley.

And if you like, add a final layer of lettuce!

Finally, we roll each pita.

My Chef's Tips:

Tips??? Chef: we’re done!

It‘s ready!!

OK - we'll add some chopped pepper and cucumber as a serving decoration! This always adds a nice touch.

Cucumbers and Tomatoes

Aren’t you amazed at how easy it is?!

I did say this is an easy chicken salad sandwich salad recipe!

And I did say you'll be amazed :)

Bon appétit!

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