A Chicken ala King Recipe:
Goodbye Forever Fast Food!


Chicken ala King Recipe

This chicken ala king recipe is absolutely fantastic if you're in a hurry because it is so easy to do.

And like all my other recipes, this is a much more healthier alternative than fast food. Add a green salad and some vegetables, and you have a very satisfying dinner fit for a King!

Of course, I only have a Chef!

But that’s another story for another time.....

Ingredients: (Serves 4 kings)

400 g of cooked chicken

1 very small onion
4-5 fresh mushrooms
1 clove of garlic
100 g of fresh peas
3 tablespoons of butter
2-3 tablespoons of flour
1 cup of milk
Salt and pepper to taste

1 tablespoon of finely chopped parsley (or green onion greens)

Green Onions Greens instead of Parsley!

Cooking Utensils You'll Need:

measuring spoons and cups
kitchen knife and chopping board
medium size saute pan (skillet)
cooking spoon

Directions for My Chicken ala King Recipe:

Peel the onion and rinse lightly. Chop in to very small pieces.

Onion for Chicken ala King Recipe
Chopped Onion Chicken ala King

Wash the mushrooms and pat dry with paper towels. Slice them into thin slices.

Mushrooms ala King!
Sliced Mushrooms

Next, cut the cooked chicken into small cubes.

Ala Cooked Chicken!

Set the onion, mushrooms, and chicken aside for now.

Peel, rinse and chop the garlic into small slices.

In a medium pan, add a tiny bit of butter. Turn heat to between low and medium. Saute the garlic in the pan. When the garlic softens add the fresh peas. Heat everything gently and then set aside.

Sauteing Chopped Garlic
Adding the Pease!!!

In another saucepan melt the rest of the butter. Once that's done add the onion and mushrooms.

Sauteing the Onions and Mushrooms

Cook over low-to-medium heat until the onions and mushrooms get a very light brown colour.

Then add the cooked peas.

Adding Peas to the Sauteed Mushrooms

Add the flour. Season with just a little salt and pepper to taste.

Adding the ala King Flour

Stir everything until mixture is smooth.

Then gradually stir in milk.

Adding ala Milk

Cook for about 2-3 minutes until sauce starts to bubble. Add in the chopped chicken cubes. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper!

Adding the Cooked Chicken
Add Salt and Pepper

Heat thoroughly for 5-7 minutes.

My Chef's Tips:

Serve with a nice light salad starter. Also, fresh cooked veggies on the side are a great idea for this dish.

Broccoli ala King
Salad ala King - or Chef!

Spoon the chicken mixture over your choice of hot cooked rice, or mashed potatoes.

Think of this ala king recipe as your time saver, as well as your health saver!

Yummy and Easy Chicken ala King Recipe!

Jedz dobrze a bedziesz zdrowym!

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