Chicken Livers
with Red Wine and Thyme


Want an idea to make your chicken livers really, really fancy?

A little while ago my Chef and I were hosting a very special dinner for one of our friends. I wanted to surprise them because they really love chicken liver! So I decided to not just serve something special, but actually show them how I did it!


What I did was show them, step by step, the recipe I have for you below.

And what was the extra fancy idea I promised you at the beginning to make this meal special?

It was this: a lovely and elegant red wine addition.

This was such a hit my friends ended up eating much more than they were planning to!!

So give it try.

Here's another tip:

This recipe makes an exquisite appetizer!

Ingredients (Serves 4 red wines):

400 g fresh liver (CHICKEN of course!)
3-4 tablespoons of oil
2 garlic cloves
1 tablespoon of fresh thyme
6 tablespoons of red wine
Salt and pepper to taste
1 medium lettuce
A sprig of fresh thyme
Parsley to garnish


Wash and rinse the livers under cold running water and pat dry with paper towels.

Chicken Livers Rinsed

Heat the oil in a large pan over low to medium heat.

Chop the garlic very fine.

Next, sautée the garlic, stirring constantly, for 2 -3 minutes.

Chop the thyme.

Add the livers, wine and chopped thyme to the garlic. Season to taste with a little bit of salt and pepper, and cook for 2 to 3 minutes more.

In the meantime, thoroughly wash and set the lettuce leaves, decoratively, on a serving plate.

Remove the pan from heat and spoon the livers over lettuce.

Pour over the cooking juices, and garnish with fresh thyme.

My Chef's Tips:

Serve immediately!

Well that was pretty simple - wasn’t it, Chef?!


Monika Fraczek with red wine

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