Healthy Diet For Kids:
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Brown Eggs

Why is a healthy diet for kids important?

You have to ask??

OK I’ll tell you:

I used to take care of children when I lived in Belgium. And when I moved to Canada, I worked for a long time in a French day care center. I’ve seen for myself. I know how important this is for a young child to get nutritious healthy food and to keep them growing.

Because healthy... means happy! :)

And when you have happy kids, you have happy parents. Happy, healthy people make for a better society all around which continues to a new generation.

Of course this is an easy chicken recipe site. So let's go over some more points and tips about why chicken recipes are a great choice for kids.

Chicken is an excellent source of protein. This is great because I know kids love chicken!

Poultry is also an important source of:

  • B1 vitamins
  • niacin
  • B12 vitamin
  • heme iron
  • zinc

Fresh, lean poultry is tender, easy to digest.

Sauteed or baked poultry can sliced thin and used in sandwiches or salads. You can also make my nuggets and muffins too!

Another important part of a healthy kids diet is eggs.


Egg In Purple Chicken Egg Cup

  • Eggs contain high-quality protein and essential amino acids.
  • They are a good source of choline.

What’s choline?

Choline is important for brain development, especially in young kids. But since our bodies do not produce a sufficient amount, having eggs in their diet (and yours) is an important choice.

  • Eggs actually contain vitamin D. This is important in the wintertime when the days are short and cold, and your kids may not get enough exposure to sunlight.

Some of the best ways to serve eggs for kids are to soft boil them or scramble them. Or making fun things like omelets!

Even just half an egg per day is enough to keep your kids healthy and full of energy.

Brown Eggs In A Bowl


Healthy kids mean happy kids. Happy kids: happy parents....and you know the rest!!

I hope you enjoy my tips for a healthy diet for kids.

With Love, Monika.

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