Squash Soup Recipe
with Chicken Broth


Squash Soup Recipe with Chicken Broth

So why am I creating a squash soup recipe?

Well it’s Fall as I'm writing this and the squash are ripe and ready for harvest. Plus I have my own garden of absolute fresh veggies!! I mentioned my garden to one of my friends and she said she had a delicious recipe for squash soup.

Veggies for Squash Soup Recipe
More Veggies for Squash Soup Recipe

What’s special about this recipe is that it’s not a by-the-book set of instructions - it’s very ‘organic’ in that sense.

But some readers need clear directions (like my Chef!)

So, of course, like all my recipes, I give you clear directions with a few twist of my own - like using chicken broth instead of veggie stock! Naturally!! :)

Ingredients (Serves 10 squashes):

Crookneck Sundance Squash

1 squash (I used a crookneck Sundance)
1 small apple (with core removed cut into chunks - optional)
1 onion
2 potatoes
1 leek
2 green peppers
2 carrots
4 small garlics
1 zucchini
3-4 green beans
1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 litres of chicken broth
3 tablespoons of sour cream
cinnamon to taste
nutmeg to taste
salt and pepper to taste
Vegeta seasoning to taste
garden parsley

Directions for Squash Soup Recipe:

To start our squash soup recipe pre-heat to 160°C/325°F.

Peel the potatoes and onions first. Then wash ALL the veggies - including the peeled potatoes and onion.

Cut the rest of the veggies into either halves or quarters. Just keep them all a similar size because we’re going to bake them and this way they will all heat up more uniformly.

Onion and Zucchini for Squash Soup Recipe
Cut Veggies for Squash Soup

Because we’re using many vegetable, we’ll be use three baking dishes. Put all the veggies divided into the baking dishes and cover lightly with a little bit of olive oil.

Bake everything for 1½ hours. Keep checking to prevent over-cooking. After ½ hour of baking add 1 cup of water.

When we’re done baking, start transferring the veggies to a large bowl for pureeing. You can do this in batches. Add a batch at a time until all the vegetables are pureed. Add the squash last.

Pureeing Veggies
Adding Squash to the Puree

Puree an extra five minutes just to make sure everything is smooth and free of any pieces.

Blending Veggies and Squash

Now I add the 2 litres of chicken broth to the puree. Then I blend everything to mix it together.

Adding Chicken Broth
Soup before adding Sour Cream

Now we put the puree in a really big pot(!) and we cook over medium heat for two minutes.

Bring to a boil and simmer for about two minutes.

Now we add the next ingredient in my special way to avoid lumps! Read on…

Add some water with the sour cream in a small bowl. Whisk everything until it’s completely blended.

Adding Water to Sour Cream

Add one scoop of the soup into the sour cream and water mixture. Continue whisking.

Adding Some Broth to Sour Cream Mixture

Then put all this into the soup and keep whisking to combine everything well.

Final Mix for Squash Soup Recipe

Almost done!

Now we slowly and lightly stir in the seasoning touches: nutmeg, cinnamon, salt and pepper, and Vegeta.

My Chef's Tips:

Before we give suggestions for serving, you can - if you like - substitute yogurt for sour cream. (And for those who know me, that’s not my Chef’s tip but mine!)


When serving, first chop some parsley.

Monia's Fresh Parsley

Spoon some soup into a bowl. Finally sprinkle with some of the chopped parsley.

Monia's Squash Soup Recipe with Chicken Broth

Serve this squash soup recipe with your choice of bread - toasted or plain - with a dash of garlic butter!!

Bonne journée!

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