Sesame Chicken Recipe:
Something Very Special


This sesame chicken recipe salad is indeed very special!

I promise: this is something very different from what most people are used to tasting.


...when you simply see the ingredients, you'll know exactly what I mean.

But the best way to know for sure is in the making.

So try it! You'll enjoy it!!

Ingredients (Serves 4 sesames):

400 g chicken breast fillets, cleaned thoroughly
1 litre chicken stock
1 tablespoon of light soy sauce
1 tablespoon oil
1 onion
1 celery
150 g of frozen sugar snap peas
100 g of sprouts
2 tablespoons of sesame seeds

Ingredients for the Sauce:

2 tablespoons light soy sauce
1 tablespoon oil
½ teaspoon ginger root; should be shredded

Directions for Sesame Chicken Recipe:

Wash the chicken breasts thoroughly. Dry with paper towels.

Put fillets of chicken breasts into pot.

Pour in 1 litre broth, add soy sauce and cook until breasts are soft.

Remove from heat, add oil, stir, cover and let cool.

Then drain. But...

Save the broth! You can use it in my other recipes!! Store in a container with a tight fitting cover and keep in the fridge.


Slice the chicken, celery and onions.

Brown sesame seeds in pan, but without oil so that you do not burn them.

Place sugar snap peas with celery in boiling water and cook about 5 to 7 minutes.

Drain peas and celery in cold water. Mix with chicken, sprouts and onions, finely chopped.

Directions for Sauce:

Combine all the sauce ingredients together and carefully pour over salad and mix gently.

Before serving, sprinkle the salad with fried sesame seeds.

My Chef's Tips:

For a neat meal idea, serve your sesame chicken salad with fresh oven-baked potatoes!

If it's summertime, you can have an outdoors treat with BBQ'ed potatoes instead!! This is a great meal to serve with friends.


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