Greek Chicken Recipe Salad


So how do I come to this Greek chicken recipe salad?!

I was invited to one of my friends house to a barbecue. So I said to myself why not! I work hard, I deserve some time off too. Right? :)

My friend, Ira, made a great Greek salad and he prepared a great crunchy chicken, too. All of it was separate.

Then I had an idea! You know I always have an idea!!

Everyone knows how to make a Greek salad, but has one been made with chicken yet...maybe...I don't know. So I’ve decided to create a Greek chicken salad. Why not?!

I had tomatoes, cucumbers and onions from my garden, which made my recipe easier to manage. Of course fresh garden veggies are the best and the healthiest too!

Monika Fraczek's Pepper
Monika Fraczek's Onion
Greek Feta Cheese

Nothing is better than some fresh and organic veggies.

This recipe is so colourful and tasty. And with the chicken and dressing everything is nice and juicy, of course. You won’t need any special occasion for this. You’ll find out why!!

Ingredients (Serves 2 Greek chickens):

1 cooked chicken breast

3 tomatoes
1 cucumber
1 green bell pepper
1 red onion
15 black olives
200 grams of feta cheese
salt and pepper to taste
100 ml of olive oil
2 tablespoons wine vinegar or fresh lemon juice

Cooking Utensils You'll Need:

cutting board
chopping knife
large salad bowl
two large salad spoons

Directions for Greek Chicken Recipe Salad:

Wash and dry all the veggies

Cut the tomatoes into thick cubes.

Cubed Tomatoes

Cut the cucumber into cubes as well. Start placing the cut ingredients in a large salad serving bowl.

Cubed Cucumbers

Slice the peppers in half and cut out the core (seeds).

Un-cored Pepper
Cut Peppers
Cored Pepper

Cut into small cubes. Place into bowl.

Cubed peppers

Peel the onion. Cut into slices. Add to the salad bowl.

Cubed Onions
Cubed onion and salad

Season to taste with salt, pepper and oregano.

Cut the feta cheese into cubes and add to the salad.

Cubed Feta Cheese

Slice the olives in half and add to bowl. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Sliced Olive

Cut the cooked chicken breasts and add to the salad.

Cubed Chicken Breast

Finally we make a little dressing:

Mix the olive oil with the vinegar (or lemon juice). Pour this mixture over the salad.

Toss the salad gently but thoroughly so the dressing gets mixed in nicely!

My Chef's Tips:

Since we already have chicken in the salad, a nice main dish might be an all veggie dish like steamed vegetables.

You can add rice and potatoes too if you like. After all, this is a Greek chicken recipe!

Me - I just took a deep plate and filled it with half the salad bowl.

Greek Chicken Recipe

Believe me, it's soooo delicious, I finished the rest!

Sorry for not sharing, Chef! It was too good.

Bon όρεξη!

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