Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe
Meet The Challenge!


This chicken tetrazzini recipe was a real challenge for me.

It’s a good thing I have my chef so I can try things out and test them til they’re perfect. Otherwise, well....

The only challenge you’ll have is how many times you’ll have to make this a month, once you dazzle your family’s taste buds with this incredible dish!! - If I do say so myself!  :)

Ingredients (Serves 4 tetrazzinis):

4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
2-4 tablespoons of butter
1 medium onion
3-4 tablespoons of flour
150 ml of chicken broth
3 tablespoon of sour cream
salt and pepper to taste
250 g of sliced mushrooms
300 g of thin noodles
4-5 tablespoons of oil
4 tablespoons of grated cheese at your choice
1 tablespoon of finely chopped parsley


Pre heat oven to 240°C/465°F.

Chicken Breasts with Black Pepper

Wash chicken breasts thoroughly. Dry with paper towels.

Wash the onion. Peel away the outer skin. Slice into thin slices as shown in the picture below.

Sliced Onions
Sauteed Onions

In a pan melt just half the butter over medium heat. Then add the sliced onions. Gently sautée them until they turn a golden colour. When done, keep in the pan, but set the pan to one side.

Sour Cream for Chicken Tetrazzini
Adding Chicken Broth

Melt the other half of the butter in a saucepan also  over medium heat. Then add the flour. Next add the chicken broth and the sour cream. Mix the cream and broth together well in the pan. Season with a little salt and pepper to taste. Stir thoroughly until the sauce starts to get thick.

Mushrooms and Sour Cream
Chicken Breasts Sour Cream and Mushrooms

Add the breasts, the previously sauteed onion, and sliced mushrooms.

Cook noodles according to the directions on the package!

Place the oil into a baking dish. Put in the cooked noodles and then pour over the sauce and chicken mixture.

Sprinkle with some paprika and cheese and put in oven (at 240°C) for about 15 minutes.

My Chef's Tips:

When done, top off our chicken tetrazzini recipe with fresh finely chopped parsley and serve a good garden green salad!

Salad for Chicken Tetrazzini

Thank you, Chef!

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