My Chicken Kale
Recipe Salad!


Chicken Kale Recipe Salad

Why am I making a chicken kale recipe salad?

Because I love kale as much as spinach! Maybe more.

I did some research before writing out this recipe. I found some things that made me love it even more. For example: it has lots of iron and calcium. It also has vitamins A, C, and K. And it’s high in fiber and no fat.

While all that info is really interesting, it's not the reason why I eat lots of kale...

I love kale because it TASTES GREAT!!!

So enjoy this!

Fresh Kale
Baked Chicken Breast

Ingredients (Serves 2 - 4 kales):

baked chicken breast
medium head of kale
2 endives
2 green onions
1 cucumber
1 tomato
- or -
10 cherry tomatoes
1 apple
salt, pepper, and parsley
Your choice of salad dressing
- or -
use My Chef’s Salad Dressing (It's easy to make!)

Cooking Utensils You'll Need:

kitchen knife
chopping board
large salad bowl
large wooden spoon

Directions for Chicken Kale Recipe Salad:

Wash all these thoroughly: endive, kale, cucumber, tomato(s) and apple.

Chop the endive into bite size pieces. Add to a large salad bowl.

Slice the green onions and add to the endive.

Endive and Green Onions

Halve and quarter the cucumber. Then cut into slices.

Halved Cucumber

Slice the tomatoes.

Sliced Tiny Tims

Remove the core from the apple. Slice in to small pieces.

Sliced Apple for Chicken Kale Salad

Add everything you’ve just cut to the salad.

Adding the Chopped Apple

Cut or tear the kale into small pieces. Add to the salad. Mix well.

Mixing in the Kale!

Slice the chicken breast. The rest of the directions all depend on how you want to serve it! So read on below in My Chef's Tips....

Sliced Baked Chicken Breast

My Chef's Tips:

Depending how you serve this, you can place the sliced chicken breast on top of the salad, or on the serving plate.

You can also continue cutting the chicken into smaller pieces and toss with the salad.

Be sure to add a little dressing!!

Ingredients and directions for My Chef's Special Dressing:

This is so simple!!

¼ cup lemon juice
¾ cup vegetable oil
½ teaspoon of salt

Combine the everything into a reusable glass bottle using a funnel. Seal the bottle securely and shake well.

This mini recipe for this dressing will make more than you'll need for this meal. So keep any un-used portions in the fridge! As long as you keep it refrigerated, it will last for a long time!

You can also add sliced mushrooms to this chicken and kale salad for really tasty treat!

Chicken and Kale Salad Recipe

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