Chicken Fried Rice Recipe


Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

This Chicken Fried Rice Recipe is easy as 1-2-3!

Believe me - it really is just that easy!

You can see for yourself when you look at the directions: Rice, broth, and chicken. Of course there are some details that make these plain ingredients magic and sparkle.

This is a great meal to make when you get last minute company over to your place. My Chef saved the evening by making this when friends dropped by to say hi without warning!

Ingredients (Serves 4 “Rices”!):

4 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts
4 boneless, skinless, chicken thighs
2 onions
5 medium mushrooms
2 tablespoons of butter
2 tablespoons of oil
2 tablespoons of shredded cheese
100 g of dry basmati rice
1-2 tablespoons of flour (optional)

The Sauce:

1 cube of chicken bouillon
4 cups water
2 teaspoons mustard
salt and pepper
2 tablespoons of dill
chopped green stalk off green onions


Pre-heat oven to 350°F/175°C.

Setting The Temperature for 350°F

Boil the 4 cups of water. When it’s boiling break the chicken bouillon cube into the water. Stir well until it dissolves. Remove from heat when done.

Into a baking dish, pour the basmati rice.

Basmati Rice
Basmati Rice in Baking Dish

Add 2 cups of the chicken broth we just made (and put the rest set aside for now).

Chicken Broth and Basmati Rice

Stir the rice mixture well. Cover. Put into the oven forty minutes. Keep oven closed the entire time. (That mean’s ‘Don’t Open It At All, Chef!’) Remove from oven when done.

Baking Basmati Rice
Setting The Timer for 40 Minutes

Peel and wash the onions. Chop them coarsely. Sauté them in a pan with the butter and oil over low-to-medium heat.

Chopped Onions
Heating Butter and Oil
Sauteing Chopped Onions
Golden Onions

Wash and dry your mushrooms. Cut into slices. Add them to your sauteing onions.

Sliced Mushrooms
Adding Mushrooms for Sauteing

Wash the chicken breasts (or thighs) thoroughly. Dry with paper towels. Cut the chicken into bite size pieces.

In a separate pot, saute your chicken pieces.

Chopped Chicken Pieces
Sauteing Chicken Pieces

When they are a golden brown color, add them to the sauteing onions and mushrooms.

Golden Mushrooms
Golden Chicken

Add the remaining 2 cups of the chicken broth. Cook for another 15 to 20 minutes on a medium heat.

Adding The Remaining Chicken Broth

Next add in the mustard. Also add some salt and pepper to taste. Simmer over low heat for about five minutes.

Then, add 2 tablespoons of shredded cheese. Stir everything well and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Monika’s Tip:

If your chicken sauce is too liquid add 1 tablespoon of flour mixed with 1-2 tablespoon of water in a small bowl. Then add this flour mixture to your sauce and stir well. Cook for 1-2 extra minutes.

Chop your dill (or green onion pieces) and add to the cooking chicken.

Basmati Rice is Finished
Broth Absorbed by Basmati Rice

My Chef's Tips:

To serve our chicken fried rice recipe, pour your chicken sauce in a bowl. Then top with the baked rice. Decorate with chopped dill, or chopped green onion.

Serve with green salad. Very tasty and easy to make.

Green Salad for Chicken Fried Rice

Bon appétit!

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